Company Policy

One of our goals in the Pop Collectibles team is to assure that customers are having a comfortable shopping experience through our website.
We’ve set up the policies below to guarantee this promise will be fulfilled;

1. Return & Replacement

- Please contact us if you have a defect issue with a figure you received from us.

- This replacement policy will only be applied to brand new items.

-This replacement policy will only be applied to products that are covered in the standard manufacturer warranty period.

- The item must be dispatched back to Pop Collectibles within 3 days once Pop Collectibles approved the request.

-If the return package is lost in transit, Pop Collectibles should not be responsible for that.

-After the return package is shipped, a tracking number must be provided to Pop Collectibles.

-If the return package is damaged, Pop Collectibles should not be responsible for that.

-Hot toys official brown shipper only comes with diecast, DX and toy fair exclusive series, this will not be accepted as a reason to request product replacement.

-If a package is damaged in shipping, please contact Pop Collectibles through email or instagram.

-The return postage fee from the customer’s origin back to Hong Kong will be turned into a discount code for customers to use on the website, the shipping fee from Hong Kong back to the origin will be covered by Pop Collectibles.

-This policy will only be applied to products that are purchased on our website.

2. Pre-orders and instock orders 

-All of the first batch pre-orders will be shipped within one working day after the figure is released here in Hong Kong.

- Second batch orders will be shipped out within 30 to 60 days after the figure is released in Hong Kong.

-10% service fee will be charged if customer wanted to cancel a preorder or order which is placed in full payment.

- The 30% down payment on the payment plan is not refundable.

-Pop Collectibles should not be responsible for the delay in item’s release.

-The pre-order and instock items will only be shipped after the remaining balance is cleared.

3. Shipping

-All the instock items will be shipped in two working days after the order is placed.

-We currently offer the following shipping methods for international delivery;
a) E-Express airmail services
This is the default shipping method on your website, it takes around 7-12 days to reach your region, tracking is provided.
b) Express Mail Service Speedpost (EMS Speedpost)
EMS speedpost shipping is available to most of the region, it will take around 3-7 days to get to you, tracking is provided.
c) Express delivery
FedEx and DHL take around 1-3 working days to get to your region.

-Customers can choose which shipping services they want to use for their order freely, but do keep in mind that Pop Collectibles is not responsible for the shipping services’ delivery time. There might be delays in shipping for many different reasons.


-Import duties vary widely from country to country, Pop Collectibles are not responsible for any custom or import duties that could be requested by your local custom office.

4. Customer’s Privacy

-One of the things we value the most is customers’ privacy. We guarantee that your information is collected and used only for packages shipment.
- These are the informations we collect when you made a purchase with us;
a. Name
b. Address
c. Postcode
d. Email
e. Mobile number

The above information is guaranteed to be used only in shipping.

-If you have other concerns feel free to contact us through email.

5. Customer Service

-If you have questions feel free to email us, we’ll reply to your request within 1-2 business days.

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